JBD - The Baker Bots - Need Oil


The ultimate in 10mm oil rigs, the RECYCLER of the pack! This rig has an inline perc inside of the recycler – a natural stem makes this piece very complex and also one of the best selling pieces of the series. Get caught in a...

JBD - The Baker Bots - Mind Control


The natural stem to inline perc on this 10mm rig make this a quick hitting / super easy to use Bakerbot !   This is the gem of the line with the upscale ” flaired foot ” This piece also has a slight constriction in...

JBD - The Baker Bots - Love Dabs


The sweetheart of the BAKERBOT line – this is a radical design that implements an extremely complex honeycomb percolater that sits atop a natural stem perk-the combination of the two deilver a powerful hit that make this particular piece the most popular of the series....

JBD - The Baker Bots - Enlighten All Humans


– Take me to your dealer ! – Natural perk to inline perk. The Bakerbot that stands on two legs ! The stance alone on this little Enlightenment character says it all !   This is a natural stem to a tiny inline – This...

JBD - The Baker Bots - Honeypot


The Jerome Baker fan favorite Honeypot is back, and it’s better than ever!   Honeypots made on crystal clear German Schott glass, pieces and boxes/packaging all proudly done in the USA, inspiration from this entire line comes from Reefer Madness and 420/710 pop culture, graphics...

JBD - Signature Series 14" Straight


14 Inchs Tall50mm Wide Mouth Piece14mm Cone piece gauge18mm to 14mm Reducer Stem   DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY Due to the amount of stock we hold, we are unable to send out specific colours, designs and sizes that maybe shown, unless specified in a drop...

JBD - Signature Series 14" Beaker


14 Inchs Tall50mm Wide Mouth Piece14mm Cone piece gauge18mm to 14mm Reducer Stem

JBD - Q Ball Sculptor

$499.95 Sold Out

Fumed Q-ball Sculptors. Each one of these pipes comes with its own unique hand made glass sculptor attached to the side. The sculptor series is always changing with different sculptors added to the line so get in before they are gone. Once gone they are...

JBD - Q Ball Milli Marbles


The Q-Ball style with milli marbles. This classic shape is decorated with marbles that have tiny little pictures inside called Murrini or Milli. The pieces are fumed with fine .999 silver. Each pipe comes with an old school sleeve and slider for a snappy flowery...

JBD - Q Ball Fumed Old School


Fumed Q-ball oldschool style tube. This is the quintessential go-to retro JBD tube – This piece is based on a timeless classic from the old days – The pipe features a ” snapper ” type non glass on glass sleeve and slide type bowl. The...
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